Team Executive (Property Manager)

As a property manager, I work hard to ensure that the landlord's goals are met by managing the tenants, maintenance, and rental property records. With in-depth familiarity of state and national laws regarding the legal methods to screen...

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Client Executive (Students)

From Guangzhou, China, I studied Accounting and Finance in the University of Northampton for four years and I also hold a master’s degree in marketing. I help Chinese students find suitable properties with Johals. I enjoy life in the UK and I...

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Business Executive

Along with my degree in Communication Arts, I also have a variety of experiences in the US and Australian Real Estate Marketing Industry under the field of communication focusing on telesales and marketing. As a Business Executive, I build strong...

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Client Happiness Executive

I’m a passionate Client Happiness Executive helping both students and working professionals to find the perfect property to match their needs. I am at the fore front of the customer service experience, and I help connect clients to the...

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