We, at Johals Homes, understands that every rental applicant can be different and at some point, can be extremely stressful so we have prepared a general guide to help you understand the process from application to completion. On top of this, our amazing team will be able to help and advise you with any concerns you may have.

  1. Application
  2. Moving Forward
  3. Arranging Payments
  4. Moving Day
  5. Insurance
  6. Managed Properties
  7. Rental Payment
  8. End a Tenancy Notice
  9. Inventory
  10. Deposit Returns
  11. Tenant’s Obligations
  12. Property Inspection
  13. Council Tax and Utilities


Upon deciding on a suitable property, a holding deposit will be required which is equivalent to a one week’s rent to reserve the property. It is also required that all applicants over the age of 18 must agree and sign the Terms and Conditions of renting in the Application Form. All forms must be completed in full to ensure that the property can be secured as quickly as possible for you. The landlord will then be contacted to confirm acceptance, subject to referencing. The landlord’s approval is also required for any changes during this time. A link will also be provided for you to complete the application online. Once completed, our team will keep you updated during the whole process.

Please note that the holding deposit will be withheld if any relevant person (including any guarantor/s_ withdraws from the tenancy, fail a Right-to-Rent check, provide materially significant false or misleading information, or fail to sign their tenancy agreement (and/or Deed of Guarantee) within 15 calendar days (or other Deadline for Agreement as mutually agreed in writing).

Moving Forward

Once your application has been accepted, the next step is arranging a moving in day and the signing of your tenancy and all necessary paperwork which will be sent to you for digital signing. A lot of factors can affect when booking this day so our team is prepared to be as helpful and flexible as we can. Kindly note that the deadline for agreement must be adhered to in all circumstances and that your holding deposit will be converted to rent in advance.

Arranging Payments

Arranging payments include your rent in advance and deposit. Normally, the deposit will be the equivalent of once month’s rent, and we will confirm all amounts in writing to you prior to the commencement of the tenancy. You can also arrange to pay by BACS at least 3 working days prior. We highly advise all tenants to provide us with a copy of a suitable protection insurance.

Moving Day

We will set to meet you at the office at an arranged time and request all parties, including guarantors, are present to sign all relevant documentation. Once transaction has been completed, the keys will be handed, and your tenancy commences — as easy as that! You will then receive a completed digital copy of the tenancy and necessary paperwork after that appointment.

Should you fail to keep this appointment to complete the transaction, this will be deemed as withdrawing from tenancy and your initial holding deposit will become a fee and charged in full.


You will have the responsibility for your own belongings, and we advise that you have adequate contents insurance as the landlord accepts no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the tenant’s possessions.

Managed Properties

We will be informing you prior to your tenancy commencing should our Johals team receive instructions to fully manage your landlord’s properties. If we are your managing agents, any faults with appliances or problems within the property will need to be reported to us in the correct way so we can deal with any concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Rental Payment

For any unpaid rent, an interest at 3% above the Bank of England Base Rate from Rent Due Date until paid in order to pursue non-payment of rent will be enforced. This will not be levied until the rent is more than 14 days in arrears.

End a Tenancy Notice

To end your tenancy subject to term, a one contractual month’s notice in writing will normally be required for your intent to leave, unless otherwise specified in your specific tenancy agreement.


To provide an accurate description of the condition and contents of a property at the start of a tenancy, a well-prepared inventory and check-in report is prepared to protect landlords and tenants alike.

This will be carried out by our Inventory Executive without either party being present and will be the same at the point of checkout to provide an unbiased and independent review. The condition of the property and its contents at the end of the tenancy is then compared back to this report in the form of a check-out report. An opinion on whether any damage that has arisen during the tenancy is attributable to the tenants, to ‘fair wear and tear’ or to the landlord as required maintenance.

It is in a landlord’s interest to ensure that inventories are prepared for properties that they own. In the worst-case scenario, should you end up in court, the judge will tend to look more favourably on an impartial, unbiased inventory prepared by a third party.

You will also need to sign the inventory at the point of moving in to confirm that you have received this along with the extensive collection of digital photographs, and that you understand that you must make any amendments to their copy and return it so that we can retain a copy to be used at the point of check out. If a separate list of amendments is sent, this will not be accepted.

Deposit Returns

Upon end of tenancy, a member of our team at Johals Homes will do a check out inspection at the property. All items removed will be checked as well as whether all utility readings are taken. Water meter readings are not taken but they will be informed of a change of occupancy. They will check your forwarding details and confirm that check out payment has been received. The property will then be secured at this point and any damages will be noted. Repairs or damages will be accounted for and requested from the deposit. Your deposit will be under the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) and the full details, terms and conditions will be provided for you at the start of your tenancy. To avoid any unnecessary issues, you must ensure that you keep the confirmation from TDS at the start of your tenancy since it holds important information.

Tenant’s Obligations

The tenant holds responsibility for the property during the period of tenancy. You must ensure that the property is fully secured and that during the winter months, steps should be taken to prevent freezing of the water and heating system. You would be expected to look after and maintain the property as your own other than major repairs or breakdowns.

Property Inspection

As your managing agents, should we be instructed, regular inspections to assess the condition of the property will be carried out to ensure that everything is being kept in a satisfactory condition. This will always be arranged with you at a mutually convenient time. There won’t be any tenancy renewal fees but you may then be charged if you do not allow arranging visits and appointments.

Council tax and utilities

Appropriate companies and council will be notified that you have taken occupation and supply meter readings where possible when you move into the property. This is a free service and one less thing to worry about on your end. Please note that it will be your responsibility to inform the utility companies of your occupation at the commencement and ending of your tenancy, and to pay council tax to the local authority.

Students, on the other hand, who may be exempt from paying council tax to the local authority, are responsible for informing the Local Authority of this.

You will also need to pay for any communication connections, disconnections, and TV licencing.

Additionally, wherever applicable, VAT will be charged at the current VAT rate.

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